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Chinese New Year, Marque celebrates a magical time of year

Chinese New Year, Monday 8th February, 2016
Dinner, 6:30PM to 9:30PM

8 Course Tasting Menu with Tea ($188pp)

8 treasures
Chamomile Tea Egg & Pickle
      Pickled cabbage & ginger
Abalone Tart
      Abalone emulsion & steamed eggplant
Braised Honeycomb Tripe
      Fermented beetroot kimchi
  Jellyfish Salad
      Local Ham
Crispy Pig’s Ear
      Black fungus
Duck Liver
      Sweet onions
Rice Cake
      Blue cheese
Fried Duck Wing

Cold Cut Chicken Terrine
      Crispy chicken feet

Long Life Noodle
      Crab & macadamia

Lion’s Head Meatball
      Fermented mushroom

Braised Zucchini

Whole Steamed Murray Cod with Caper Water
      Steamed head, crispy bones

Orange Curd, Sherbert & Madelines

Sauternes Custard Tart

Compressed Watermelon
      Yuzu salt

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