Coffee & tea

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Having foregone the espresso machine in search of a unique experience, Marque proudly offers a beautiful pour over coffee. Sourced by Single Origin Roasters, our beans come from small-holders, farmers and co-ops; where the balance of aroma and acidity is at it’s finest. Our coffee is lightly roasted, the beans ground to order and served black.

Kochere ‘Natural’, Ethiopia – $6

White ‘Silver Needle’, Fujian, China – $8
Green ‘Jade Sword’, Zhejiang, China – $6
Green ‘Gyokuro’, Kyoto, Japan – $10
Oolong ‘Gau Shan’, Nantou, Taiwan – $10
Oolong ‘Iron Buddha’, Fujian, China – $10
Raw Puerh ‘2008’, Yunnan, China – $8
Black ‘Yunnan Gold’, Yunnan, China – $7
Darjeeling ‘2nd Flush’, India – $7

Fresh Mint – $6
Chamomile Flowers, Croatia – $6
Earl Grey ‘Ceylon’, Kandy, Sri Lanka – $6
Jasmin ‘Pearls’, Fujian, China – $6

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